Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Popin' Cookin' Kits!!!!

Popin' Cookin' Sets are making their way to Singapore!!! =D
Courtesy of Poppin' Cookin' SG! =D
These sets are edible and kid safe! =D

Popin' Candy Set!

Popin' Ramen & Dumpling Set!

Popin' Cake & Ice Cream Set!!

Popin' Obento Set!!

Popin' Sushi Set!!

 This is basically what each set would contain.

You can mix and match the sets.
Selling each set for SGD$9 inclusive of shipping and normal postage!
Registered postage is an additional SGD$2.24.
We will not be responsible for any loss of products through normal postage.
1 set weighs about 250g.
Email us @ PoppinCookinSG@gmail.com for orders of more than 10 sets and if you have any queries.
*You may see a change in pricing because we've made a mistake in our calculations and the shipping costs about $3 per set. Sorry for the mistake made!*

If you wish to see tutorials on how it is done, check out RRcherrypie on Youtube!

*there is no relation between this blogshop and the youtube user*
pictures were taken from whiterabbitpress.com

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  1. Hi:)Please email me my total to Weilinloves@yahoo.com.sg!Here is what I wanna get:

    1)Popin' Ramen & Dumpling Set
    2)nerunerunerune grape and soda
    3)Happy Kitchen Donut Set