Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello there!

Hi everyone!

Just to clear up any mess regarding the first stated price.
We realised that we were not able to sell it at $7 after including the shipping and normal postage fees.
We're going to ship it in by EMS, which will take about 2-3 working days after we place the order on 4th March, Friday!
Do tell your friends to order together so that we can enjoy the sets! =D
We'll continue taking orders if the response is AWESOME!
The sets should come in by 10th March, Wednesday, the latest!
We'll update you guys once we have sent the orders and when we have received the sets!
We'll be posting by Singapore Post so if you order more than 5 sets, expect a parcel!
Rates are here and here!

PS. Normal shipping takes 2-4weeks and we're sure nobody actually likes waiting so long even though it is cheaper.
Expedited shipping is SOOOO much quicker at only a little more.
Less profit for us but shorter waiting time.
Shorter waiting time means happy customers! =D


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